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Highlighting strengths.

Developing a growth mindset.

Honoring  family values.

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Exciting Updates!

Now scheduling in-office comprehensive evaluations for Spring 2023!

Now enrolling students for January 2023 ADHD Club!

Let's work on:

Articulation & Phonology

Saying sounds and words clearly to be understood by peers & adults

Receptive Language

Understanding spoken or written language. (i.e. Following directions, answering questions, learning new vocabulary)

Executive Function

Cognitive skills necessary for learning (i.e. attention, planning, task initiation, previewing likely consequences, flexibility, emotional regulation, self-monitoring, metacognition)

Phonological Awareness

Pre-reading skills (rhyming, segmenting sounds, blending  sounds, identifying sounds, manipulating sounds)

Expressive Language

Sharing thoughts and ideas.

(i.e. describing, organizing information, sentence structure)

Auditory Processing

Hearing & interpreting information (i.e. auditory discrimination, auditory memory, auditory sequencing)


Rhythm and rate of speech (i.e. stuttering, cluttering, secondary behaviors)

Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Using high tech or low tech options for children and teens with complex communication needs

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