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This 8 week program is designed for 4th grade to 7th grade students who:

+ Have an ADHD brain or family suspects they have an ADHD brain

+ Want to learn more about their brains (executive functioning, mindfulness)

+ Want to contribute to the conversation with peers and build friendships

My Story

After a family receives the official ADHD diagnosis and/or starts to learn more about ADHD characteristics, families are often wondering:

            What does this mean for our student?

            What kind of support will they need?

            How do we show the student that ADHD can be a superpower?

Having a superpower doesn't mean it's all rainbows and unicorns all the time. It's also not always doom and gloom. How do we stay in that "useful reality" where our students can learn to acknowledge their strengths and build the resiliency for the challenges

This club is a space for students to learn about themselves and each other. 

                 Embrace their superpowers. 

                 Practice mindfulness. 

                 Practice friendship building. 

                 Share their creativity. 


                              To  be themselves! 


While they’re in community with their peers and while they’re having fun, we'll facilitate the conversation about tools that support self-regulation , higher level language development, and executive function skills (i.e. plan, organizing, time management, self-monitoring)  

Groups sizes will consist of 4-5 students each. Small group sizes ensure TLC for each student and enough time for them to share their thoughts and ideas. Sign up today to save your spot by completing the Get Started form. 


Registration: $650

Special Pricing for January 2023 introductory group: $550


Tuesdays at 4:30pm -5:30pm

Inside the offices of Southwest Neuropsychology Services

1515 E. Missouri Ave, STE 110
Phoenix, AZ 85014


Program Themes

All about the brain


Navigating friendships

Energy & Sensory Regulation

Executive Function Skills

Study Strategies

Story Grammar Skills

Ways to support our brains

Growth Mindset

Next Steps

"This is exactly what we've been looking for! Where do we sign up!?"

Woohoo! After your "Get Started" form is completed, you'll receive a welcome phone call and a welcome email which will include registration information and consent forms.

"I'd love to learn more to see if this is the right fit for my student."

After we receive a Get Started form from you, we'll give you a call to answer any questions and provide more details. 

"Oh, bummer! My student won't be able to join the next group but we would like to stay updated on future groups."

Fill out the "Get Started" form so we can add you to our list for future sessions. Then subscribe to email list. 

"I know of an awesome student that would find this fun! / I know of an amazing student who would really benefit from this group!"

That's fantastic! Send them a link to this web page. You can also find us on IG @illuminatefamilyworkshop. 

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