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Launching January 2023!

My Story

After a family receives the official ADHD diagnosis and/or starts to learn more about what ADHD characteristics, families are often questioning:

 ...What does this mean for our student?

 ...What kind of support will they need?

 ...How do we show the student that ADHD is a superpower?

Having a superpower doesn't mean it's all rainbows and unicorns all the time and it's also not always doom and gloom. How do we stay in that "useful reality" where our students can learn to acknowledge their strengths and build the resiliency for the challenges? 

My background as a speech-language pathologist in public school guides me to work with the students who often fall under the radar and between the cracks in an  overwhelmed school system that often has to "triage" classrooms when it comes to providing unique support.

During this 8 week session,

Your student will